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HomelatestIs YSRCP Advancing Pawan Or Copying Him?

Is YSRCP Advancing Pawan Or Copying Him?

Is YSRCP Advancing Pawan In Ap Politics

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The Opposition Party of AP Government has finally made news from the last couple of weeks with its strategies in Delhi. A close look at their recent course of actions declare some interesting things regarding Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan which will make us think twice.

Power star Pawan Kalyan forayed into Politics by establishing Janasena Party to fight for the people of Telugu States. Right from the day one, he kept on declaring that he will give up his life for the society. All these days, he made time once in a while and dealt some cases like Mega Aqua Park, Uddanam, and others. Finally, the time has come for him to start his serious Politics as the State is burning with serious problems. He did bid adios to movies to spend his time completely into Politics.

In his first big step of creating a Joint Fact-Finding Committee, he asked Jagan to introduce the No Confidence Motion. YSRCP MPs really implemented the bill and made the ruling party of AP TDP to pass the same rule. A few days back, he declared that he will sit for fast until death to fight for AP Special Status if necessary. Guess what, 5 of YSRCP MPs already started indefinite fasting in which one has already shifted to hospital and impressed AP people. All these actions of YSRCP are considered the best for the situations as TDP is still fighting by holding placards without resigning. Some are not able to decode whether Pawan is indirectly helping YSRCP or making them follow his words by aggregating them. In either case, YSRCP is now standing front in AP Special Category Status fight than TDP and Janasena. So Pawan’s advises proved best for YSRCP and benefited them.

Some More Interesting New:

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