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Jackky Bhagnani: It’s not about north or south, but good quality mass entertainers

Mumbai, May 11 Producer-actor Jackky Bhagnani has talked about what it is that could be ailing Bollywood cinema currently.

Jackky says: “We need to make good commercial films that resonate with the whole of India. I take the success of the last few films as a great sign of revival of cinema as a mass entertainment medium.”

“All kinds of audiences enjoying one particular film is actually great. The common audience is telling us something and we must listen. It’s not about north or south, it’s about coming up with good quality entertainers.”

With his penchant for mass entertainers, the young producer hopes to bring a renewed and fresh perspective to his content that will emotionally resonate with the mass audience.

Talking about the kind of films he as a producer wants to associate with, Jackky says, “I want to produce content that is universal and appeals to the larger geography and demography. I want to put the effort into improving this genre. Mass universal films don’t mean badly written and lazily produced content that rides primarily on the star pull of the cast.”

“I want to create well-written, well-produced commercial entertainers that have really good music. Action, comedy, drama, and even genres like larger-than-life historical and mythological content. I come from the school of mass entertainment.

“Not so long ago my father and lots of other Bollywood producers were catering to the entire Indian cinema-going audience. Of course, that content needs to evolve and match the expectations of the newer generation of audience. I want to do that. This is my vision.”

Next on Jackky’s plate is the highly-anticipated action entertainer ‘Ganapath’ starring Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon and ‘Bade Miyan Chote Miyan’ that brings together two of the biggest action superstars of their generation, Akshay Kumar and Tiger Shroff for this action-comedy.

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