Jagan’s short story on CBN is trending on top


Jagan’s short story on CBN is trending  

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As the TDP cadre and some pro TDP media channels are hitting hard on YSRCP and its future alliance with NDA, the YSRCP President Y.S Jagan fumed fire on the A.P CM with a short story along with some straight questions.

Jagan who has been busy with his Padha Yatra has finally opened his mouth to the Union Budget-2018. He questioned Babu that being in alliance with NDA, how could he not knew the budget before its release. On the same note, he pointed out Babu’s dual stand on the special category status. He reminded people that Babu who said Special status is a Sanjeevani for the bifurcated state of A.P has changed his colors now by saying that Special package is a Sanjeevani. The supreme of YSRCP delighted his supporters with a short story about CBN.

Jagan stated that an accused murderer of his own parents has taken to court. The same murdered pleaded judge to leave let him free as he has no parents now. He metaphor this story to link with CBN as he is the whole and sole responsible for state’s present situation. Jagan accused CBN that his incapability leads to the bifurcation of the state. After all the story, he claimed CBN’s power thirst made A.P lose funds to Polavaram project and it’s dire situation. Needless to say, Jagan has wonderful tactics under his sleeve to defeat TDP which is already in a dilemma over the alliance. Also, Jagan’s comments damaged and diluted voters’ sympathy on TDP regarding its indirect war with the center.

Currently, Jagan is balancing both Padha Yatra on daytime and urgent meetings with his core committee regarding possible defectors towards his party. For now, Jagan seems to have a slight upper hand on TDP post the release of Union Budget-2018.

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