Will Janasena, YSRCP Attend CBN’s All Party Meet Today?


Jana Sena And YSRCP Boycotts All Party Meeting

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The parties Janasena and YSRCP have been considered as the two rivals for TDP Supreme Chandrababu Naidu. Continuing their fight against the TDP, these two parties are in a dilemma whether to attend Babu’s All Party Meet.

The Chief Minister of Bifurcated AP, Chandrababu Naidu has earlier announced All Party Meeting to discuss the possible ways to get benefits promised by the Centre. He sent his invitations to all the existing parties in AP along with the NGOs which are adding their voices in favor of AP. Also the parties Janasena and YSRCP too got their invitations to the Meeting which is going to be held today at 11 AM. But the Political analysts claim with a stronger tone that these two parties will boycott the meeting at any cost. YSRCP being the permanent hater of TDP officially declared many times that it is not going to attend any meeting with TDP in the past. According to them, Babu is the whole and sole reason for AP’s dire state so they will not attend this meeting at any cost. Other rival party Janasena proved that it is also now joined the hater’s list of TDP. Even though its Chief Pawan Kalyan earlier said that he is ready to join hands with anyone for the sake of AP, his recent remarks on TDP cleared that he is still not in good terms with either TDP or its head CBN. 

Already TDP is alleging that both these parties are acting like puppets under the direction of BJP. Their absence to this meeting will only add more authenticity to TDP’s claims. Let us wait and see how these two parties respond to Babu’s All Party Meeting.

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