Jayakumar Claims Ram Gopal Varma Is A Homosexual


Jayakumar Comments On Ram Gopal Varma Is A Homosexual

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The row between Ram Gopal Varma and Jayakumar took a different turn after the director filed a criminal case against the latter. RGV also issued a press note, in which he labeled Jayakumar as a thief. ‘Jayakumar was caught many times stealing things in my office. I warned him too. When I work for my movie, the movie’s plot, script and other details would be shared with 10-15 people. He is one of them,’ said RGV in his press note.

Reacting to this, Jayakumar took the attack to RGV at a personal level. Jayakumar claimed that Ram Gopal Varma is a homosexual, and compared him to Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood.

‘He is responsible for destroying many upcoming directors’ careers. Ram Gopal Varma is an evil. There is another person in him. Only people close to him know about that. There were instances where he behaved like an animal. I request all of his victims to come forward and fight along with me. It is high time now! We need to put a break to this animal’, said Jayakumar in a press meet.Ram Gopal Varma is yet to react to Jayakumar’s claims that, Ram Gopal Varma is a homosexual!

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