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Like Sr NTR Like Jr NTR

Jr NTR acting skills match to Sr NTR

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Jr NTR acting skills match to Sr NTR: The great Sr NTR did many mythical films and changed the views of some characters like Ravana, Karna. Like grand father even his grand son Young Tiger NTR played the Ravana character in ‘Jai Lava Kusa’ movie by showing a new Ravana to young generation. So a story is buzzing in social media based on Ravana. Let’s check it out…

A pregnant woman asked her daughter that she want brother or sister…?

Daughter: I want brother.

Mother: How your brother should be…?

Daughter: I want a brother like Ravana…

Mother:What are you talking…? Are you insane…?

Daughter: Mom what is the problem with Ravana who left his relations and Kingdom for the person who irrespected his sister. He brought his enemy wife but didn’t lay a hand on her.
So why I shouldn’t wish a brother like Ravana…?

Or why I should wish for a brother like Rama who send his pregnant wife to the jungle just for a commoner words. And he make her to face many problems in 14 years by taking her to jungle.

So now tell whom should I wish for Rama or Ravana…?

Do you want to be a wife of Rama or do want to be the sister of Ravana…? Still you a son like Rama…? With this Mother had tears in her eyes.

Moral of the story: No one is bad or good in the world… The story show to change our thinking process.

A person will not become good if he goes to Temple and a person is not bad who goes to pub. Because a begger will beg outside of the Temple where a wealthy man will beg inside the Temple.

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