Man Arrested for Cheating and Raping Women Promised Marriage


In a disturbing case, Akhil, a 30-year-old employee from Kachiguda, was arrested by local authorities for duping and Raping Women of 29-year-old under the guise of marriage. The victim, employed at a pharmaceutical company, fell prey to Akhil’s deceitful promises, only to be subjected to repeated acts of rape. Despite her efforts to confront him about their impending marriage, Akhil evaded responsibility, prompting the victim to report the heinous crimes to the police.
Following his arrest and subsequent court appearance, Akhil was remanded to judicial custody, while the victim received essential medical and psychological care at the Bharosa Centre. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding individuals from such predatory behavior and providing comprehensive support to victims of sexual violence.


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