I Don’t prefer Jogendra as My Husband: Kajal

Kajal agarwal about her dream husband

Kajal agarwal about her dream husband

Kajal Agarwal is one of the most top actresses of Tollywood. She is seen acting with almost all the young and top heroes of industry. Now, this actress is up with her upcoming movie ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’. This movie will be on screens this week and is up with high expectations. The movie crew is trying in all possible means to promote the film. Al the cast are actively participating in the promotions. especially, The main lead roles Kajal and Rana together are giving many interviews. Speaking in an interview Kajal agarwal about her dream husband is the hot topic now.

Kajal agarwal speaking about the film gives detailing about both the characters Jogendra and Radha. She says though Jogendra is a good human, in real live Kajal definitely wouldn’t choose him as her husband. Furthermore, she says Radha caracter is completely diffirent from what Kajal actually is. She indirectly Kajal made it clear saying she doesn’t prefer a politician as her husband rather choose a business man. It is yet to see how Kajal and Rana chemistry works out in the movie.

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