Kantara Prequel Takes on Ambitious 400 AD Setting with a Massive Budget


Kantara Prequel Takes on Ambitious 400 AD Setting with a Massive Budget:

Following the tremendous success of ‘Kantara,’ actor-turned-director Rishab Shetty, a prominent figure in Sandalwood, is reportedly embarking on his next project, ‘Kantara 2.’ This ambitious venture is set in the backdrop of 400 AD, offering yet another authentic rural thriller experience. It’s worth noting that ‘Kantara 2’ is being envisioned as a prequel rather than a sequel to the well-received socio-fantasy film Movie.

Producers are reportedly willing to invest over Rs 150 crores to create a grand spectacle that meets the soaring expectations surrounding this action thriller. Remarkably, the Movie was originally crafted on a modest budget of Rs 14 crores, but it transformed into a pan-India blockbuster, amassing over Rs 320 crores at the box office.

Sources reveal that Rishab Shetty has undergone a physical transformation, shedding 11 kilos to achieve a fitter and leaner look through rigorous training and dietary changes. In his upcoming prequel, set in the 4th century, Shetty has meticulously woven together real-life incidents and characters to craft an engrossing rural drama.

kantara prequel takes on ambitious 400 ad setting with a massive budget
Kantara Prequel Takes on Ambitious 400 AD Setting with a Massive Budget

Following the trailblazing success of Kannada star Yash’s ‘KGF’ series, Rishab Shetty is now poised to become a pan-India sensation. His emotional performance in the climax of ‘Kantara’ left a lasting impact, and the depiction of the tribals’ struggle against malevolent forces with the assistance of Lord Varaha was enthralling. The original ‘Kantara’ narrative unfolded in the 1800s, portraying a story where a King grants his forest land to a demigod, who, in turn, allocates it to landless tribals. However, the King’s descendants return decades later to reclaim it, sparking a conflict.

Kannada films have undeniably gained popularity among Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam audiences, further cementing their status as favorites.

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