Sunday, January 29, 2023
HomelatestTop Notch Kapu Leaders Still Silent On CBN’s 5% Wonder

Top Notch Kapu Leaders Still Silent On CBN’s 5% Wonder

The AP CM Chandrababu Naidu shocked all his rivals by announcing the 5% reservations for the Kapus if he regains Power. Despite this huge announcement, the so-called big Kapu leaders are not even bothering to look at CBN to support him. Be it to save the BC vote bank or to attract the support of Kapu leaders, CBN deliberately made this reservation announcement against the Centre’s 10% reservation for the Economically backward class. He expected the leading Kapu leaders like Pawan Kalyan, Mudragada and Vangaveeti Ranga to get completely bowled over about this and immediately extend their support to the TDP.

Well, the first one to fall in his prey is Ranga who already announced his entry into TDP against the will of his supporters.However, the reluctant leaders like PK and Mudragada are still maintaining their silence about this issue. Mudragada is demanding as much as 15% which is not so easy and Pawan Kalyan has not yet claimed a number about it. So it is up to these leaders whether to believe in CBN or not.As far as the Political opinions which are doing rounds in the circles are concerned, Mudragada is not going to move a bit towards TDP. however, the Janasenani is yet to express his opinion on Naidu’s offer and he is expected to comment something about this in his today’s Public meeting in Uttarandhra

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