Karnataka Congress denounces the Modi’s Meet; Kannadiags clearly realize Frauds of modi.


Karnataka Congress fired on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday to visit the state. He has given statements for the duplicity of state people. Other parties and Congress State President D.K. Shivakumar arraigned on the PM with different styles.

Siddaramaiah attacked Modi and said that While the state had in the worst situation with floods Modi did give any help to the people and Modi was not given any statement about the compensation for people.

Remembering the bank merger, He said that state banks had merged with other banks, and Modi have to take responsibility.

Affiliation banks were 70,000 employees and deposited worth almost Rs 317 lakh crore. They offered jobs to local Kannada people. After the combination of the banks, where did the jobs offered to Kannada students? was this not fraud much for kannada?

Siddaramaiah said, “Karnakata government is giving the Rs 18 lakh crore tax for the central government since 8 years back. The state needs to get 42 percent of the share. with a worth of Rs 5,495 crore special package issued by the 15 Finance commission to the state. The finance minister should take responsibility for this, but Narender Modi stops the package.”


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