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HomelatestKCR/ KTR Is Behind My Home Group Scam: Claims Revanth

KCR/ KTR Is Behind My Home Group Scam: Claims Revanth

KCR And KTR Is Behind My Home Group Scam 

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The one and only firebrand leader Revanth Reddy who recently shifted his loyalties from T-TDP to T-Congress has come up with his new allegations on his arch-rival KCR. He didn’t spare anyone in KCR’s family in his new verbal war against the TRS Chief.Revanth who has been silent for a while again surfaced with fresh speculations on KCR. According to him, the My Home Group owner Jupally Rameshwar Rao who is a close relative of CM KCR has allegedly done a fraud of 1000 crores.

Revanth backs himself that he got necessary proofs for his allegations. He didn’t leave KTR as well by declaring that the IT Minister of Telangana is moving the files of Jupally deals by allocating them some Government lands for cheaper rates. This firing leader of Congress alleged that KCR is supporting their relative by helping him in all means inside State Government offices and in lands issue. Revanth who always try to defame KTR stated that had if KTR is very strict, he should have set an inquiry team on My home real estate group and its present chairman Vinod. Seems Revanth is feeling that making allegations will fetch him some much-needed attention but he is stretching the same news again and again by singing the same proofs song.

Neither KCR nor his son KTR is in a mood to counter Revanth as they are busy making arrangements for TRS Plenary meeting. They are planning to invite many big leaders across India to hold discussions on the possible Third Front to fight with Narendra Modi’s BJP.

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