Would KCR Give A Nominated Post For A Settler?

KCR used his sharp intellect to

The Telangana caretaking CM KCR has deployed new tactics to impress the AP Settlers of Telangana recently. Post the announcement of his party TRS’s manifesto, he addressed a group of AP Settlers and tried his best to woo them.

KCR used his sharp intellect to win the power in the happened 2014 election by playing the card of Anti-Andhra. He used the same card for the 2018’s snap polls to regain power. However, now he set his eyes on this huge vote bank of AP settlers. After making hate comments on them all these days, he changed his voice against them and declared that AP settlers are the most respected Telanganites in the State. His main idea is to grab all the votes of AP Settlers who might favour Mahakutami.

AP Settlers who might favour Mahakutami

Here, some people who moved to Telangana some four decades back and settled are fuming fire on KCR. according to them, they almost lived their entire life in Telangana but they have tagged Settlers because of their AP roots. Political analysts too ask KCR if he can prove his love towards these AP Settlers by electing a leader among them as Deputy CM or for any nominated position.


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