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KCR’s Take On Rahul Gandhi’s Hyderabad Meet

All India Congress head Rahul Gandhi had participated in a huge Public event yesterday and targeted the local ruling party TRS along with its Chief KCR. it is time for the latter to respond to Rahul’s comments.

TRS along with its Chief KCR

Rahul Gandhi declared that the family of KCR has been ruling the Telangana by occupying all the posts and behaving like dictators. For that, KCR sharply countered Rahul by agreeing that his family likewise Gandhi’s family forayed into Politics. KCR distinguish his family from the present Gandhi’s family in terms of Political maturity. The TRS Chief feels that Rahul is still young in Politics and he has to mature more as a National politician. He points out at Rahul’s hug to Modi in Parliament as the best example of Rahul’s immaturity. KCR declared that Congress under the rule of such confused and young Politician like Rahul would see new lows in its Political history.

Rahul’s hug to Modi in Parliament

KCR made these counters in his urgent meeting with the cabinet. He called in all the bigwigs of the TRS to discuss the Possibility of early elections. Modi and KCR are taking this early election quite seriously. To everyone’s surprise, KCR declared that TRS will contest alone in the elections by checkmating all the speculations on TRS-BJP alliance.

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