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HomelatestKerala ISIS Recruiter Threatens Kumbh Mela & Thrissur Pooram!

Kerala ISIS Recruiter Threatens Kumbh Mela & Thrissur Pooram!

Kerala ISIS Recruiter Threatens Kumbh Mela & Thrissur Pooram!

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A new audio clip calling people for attacks on Thrissur pooram and Kumbh Mela has come to surface. The Kerala police claimed that at least 100 people from Kerala state have joined the Islamic State (IS).
The audio clip is in local language Malayalam. It is vigorously getting circulated on the Telegram group, where the operative calls for waging war against India. Rashid Abdullah, the leader of the ISIS module in Kasaragod is the one who voiced the 10-minute long audio clip, claimed sources.
It looked like an influencing and instigating audio clip, where apart from calling people for attacks, it clears advises Muslims to migrate from Darul Kufr to Darul Islam. The other part of the audio clip looked like suggesting people assist Daulatul Islam and the Islamic State if it is not possible for Muslims to migrate. It is a matter of serious concern as the clip also gives advice on how to carry out the attacks at Thrissur pooram and Kumbh Mela.
The 10-minute clip carries many instigating advises. Firstly it proposes to go and poison the food and use the trucks to drive them over. Advice, to take ISIS fighters across the world as inspiration. The clip shares an incident at a music concert where one supporter got killed, in the similar fashion, one of us here, should derail a train or use a knife in an attack. The clip concludes, saying they may end us, but will not succeed, we may suffer losses, but will fight until deaths.

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