Kill The Suicidal Thoughts…

Kill The Suicidal Thoughts
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Because of different reasons so many persons are trying to die. Life is not a joke, it is god’s gift. Some people face the critical situations also and survive with confidence. So, Van Andel Institutes’ experts said: “If we know the reason of a person who is trying to die, we can stop him by medicine and we are researching on that way.” For this, they had selected the persons who tried suicide and who have suicide thought.

The experts have performed different tests on them and observed that there are two acids in the brain are in esteemed levels. The acids which help to protect the nerves, Picolinic acid is in a lower level and quinolinic acid is in a higher level. They have observed this variance in cerebrospinal fluid and blood tests. They have said that body immunity power also a reason for this. So, by blood tests, we can estimate the person’s suicidal thoughts. So, if medicine can create for this to prevent the suicides.


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