Monday, August 15, 2022
HomelatestKiran Kumar Reddy’s Grand Entry Into Congress

Kiran Kumar Reddy’s Grand Entry Into Congress

Proving all the speculations true, the ex-Congress leader Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy re-joined the AICC today amongst senior leaders. This ex CM of United AP has got a mission from the High Command.

Being the last CM of the United AP, Kiran is the first and foremost leader in the entire Congress to oppose separate Telangana. Even though he obeyed all the rules and acted accordingly by the high command, he went against them when his Supreme Sonia Gandhi decided to give the separate state. Kiran quit the party which made him the CM and established Samaikyandhra Party to become CM for the bifurcated AP. As he lost the elections, Kiran was seen nowhere in active Politics in any party. On the other hand, the party’s new head Rahul Gandhi is on a mission of reviving the party in AP. He started calling back the senior leaders who quit the party due to the bifurcation. One among them and the foremost person is Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Today, he took the flag of All India Congress Committee and joined the party in the presence of Rahul Gandhi. However, his presence is not so digestible for some loyal Congressmen like Raghuveera Reddy but the high command insisted on Kiran’s presence to take up party’s affairs in the AP. Kiran will be leading the Congress Party to prepare it to 2019’s general elections. Also, he is offered a nominated post in national level.

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