Know India’s shocking opinion on Rapists!

Know India’s shocking opinion on Rapists

Know India’s shocking opinion on Rapists!

Our democracy has failed time and again in protecting the rights of people. The situation is much worse in case of young girls and women. Every day we are hearing about a woman being raped, or a young girl being sexually assaulted. A pervert had gone to an extent of raping a 4-month old baby girl recently. Such is the current situation in the nation.

In this context, a survey shed light on how the people of the nation want the child rape convicts to be punished. Over 76% of them voted for ‘Death Sentence’ to these rapists, while 18% of them supported lifetime imprisonment without parole.

While 7% of them stated that, the seven-year jail term should be continued for child rape convicts. The survey is carried out by LocalCircles, an NGO.

In another survey, over 89% of the respondents demanded their state governments to pass a stringent law, which awards death punishment to the child rape convicts. Over 40,000 individuals expressed their opinion in this survey.


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