Sunday, December 4, 2022
HomelatestKodandaram rebelling against Mahakutami

Kodandaram rebelling against Mahakutami

The TJS Chief Professor Kodandaram is all set to revolt against the Mahakutami’s principles and rules to the field is candidates in the snap polls. Shocking decisions this leader made have now become the new topic in the Telangana Politics.Prof Kodandaram finally gave up his talks with the Congress bigwigs about the seat sharing. He demanded as many as 15 seats but ended up getting only 8 seats. This reluctant Professor however differed with the TPCC Chief and decided to make three of his leaders to contest against Mahakutami’s candidates.


He is setting two candidates for the constituencies of Asifabad and Station Ghanpur against Congressmen and one in the Mahabubnagar against the TDP leader. As this is not enough, Kodandaram himself is very stubborn about losing his favorite Jangaon seat to Congress senior leader Ponnala Lakshmaiah. All in all, the TJS Chief apart from contesting in 8 seats have added four more personal places in Telangana.Mahakutami leaders are scratching their heads to have an understanding with Kodandaram but the latter seemed too difficult to convince. Internal fights have already begun in this Telangana’s Grand Alliance.


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