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HomelatestKonda Surekha Fires On KCR

Konda Surekha Fires On KCR

Former Waranga MLA Konda Surekha, who was just known as the fire brand politician fumes on KCR and his family. She blamed KCR for offending her separated from denying the party ticket in the up coming elections. Surekha contrasted KCR’s govern with Tuglak’s run and censured him for conning a women of the BC people group. She also faulted that KCR hasn’t ventured into the Secretariat as no ladies were given place in the Cabinet.

KCR And Chandrababu

Surekha said that KCR’s main agenda in the coming 2019 decisions was to make KTR the Chief minister of Telangana and, to make this conceivable, KCR was deliberately targeting all the true workers and leaders of TRS. The haughtiness of KCR achieved such statures that he couldn’t have cared less to understand the issues of AP and never collaborated with Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu, she said.


Debilitating to reveal the counter in reverse classes position of KCR and TRS initiative, Surekha said that her long time political family would sit tight for some more opportunity for KCR and KTR to commit changes appropriately to remedy their errors. She affirmed that she would not keep quiet if the TRS leadership kept on doing foul play to her.

KCR Loves To Confuse All Over The Snap Polls

Originating from Congress foundation, Konda Surekha family and such leaders were all the while following solid arm strategies in securing their political advantages. In a provincial however strong party like TRS, the leader is extreme and can’t be addressed at any manner.

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