Here Is Why KTR Is A Thousand Times Better Than Lokesh


The former Minister of Telangana, KTR has won yet again in Siricilla registering a big victory with the decent majority on his rival. Political experts now confidently declare Lokesh as the potential candidate for the post of CM after his father KCR’s exit in the future. It is so common in Indian Politics that the Kins of rulers continue the legacy of their fathers by entering the active Politics thus by encouraging the dynastic Politics.In this phenomenon, worthless leaders are getting power to rule crores of people who can’t win as an MLA even. The AP IT Minister Lokesh is one such example who became a Minister by entering the Legislative Council house with the help of his father.

here is why ktr is a thousand times better than lokesh

In the case of KTR, he won as an MLA for the first time in Siricilla against Mahender Reddy with a slight majority in 2009.The immediate year he continued his MLA seat by winning the by-elections of 2010. In 2014, not only winning the Siricilla with huge votes, but he also became the Minister of IT and other segments only to earn more name and fame under his name. Even in the happened snap polls, KCR registered his fourth consecutive win against the same Mahender Reddy with a huge percent of votes.It is high time for the Nara Lokesh to enter into the active Political battle and showcase his power for being the son of Chandrababu Naidu and grandson of passed away legend NTR, the founder of Telugu Desam Party.


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