KTR Bold Challenge to CM Revanth Amidst Political Critique


KTR Dares Revanth Reddy for Election Battle in Malkajgiri

In a strong speech, KTR, the BRS leader, challenged Chief Minister Revanth Reddy to compete against him in the upcoming Malkajgiri election. He accused Reddy of being unsure about his loyalty to Congress and planning to switch to BJP after the national polls.

Expressing Disappointment at Reddy’s Silence

KTR spoke to his supporters and expressed his disappointment that Reddy didn’t respond to the challenge, even though he’s a significant leader as the Chief Minister. KTR criticized Reddy’s hesitation, suggesting it’s because he fears BRS’s strength in the area.

Renewed Allegations and Confrontation

KTR repeated his claims about Reddy planning to join BJP and questioned why Reddy didn’t deny these allegations. He said that voting for Congress or BJP would only help BJP in the end. KTR also pointed out the differences between Congress leaders’ criticisms and Reddy’s praises for Modi and Adani, emphasizing the need for clear and honest politics.


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