KTR Challenge: Inviting CM Revanth to Lie Detector Test in Phone Tapping Case


Rama Rao’s Bold Defense: Ready for Lie Detector Test

In a bold response to accusations against him, BRS working president KT Rama Rao has offered to undergo a polygraph or narcoanalysis test to refute claims of involvement in the alleged phone tapping case. However, he challenged Chief Minister A Revanth Reddy and Union Minister G Kishan Reddy to undergo similar tests to prove their innocence in any potential phone tapping activities within their respective governments.

Demand for Evidence: Concrete Proof Required

Asserting that phone tapping is a common surveillance method, Rama Rao highlighted former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s acknowledgment of its necessity. He reiterated his non-involvement in such activities and accused the Congress of conspiring to tarnish his reputation, vowing to fight these allegations legally. Furthermore, he demanded the State government to provide concrete evidence rather than selectively leaking information to mislead the public.

BJP Conspiracy: Pressure Tactics Unveiled

Regarding the Delhi excise policy case against BRS MLC K Kavitha, Rama Rao dismissed it as a pressure tactic by the BJP, emphasizing that she has committed no wrongdoing. He criticized the BJP for targeting opposition leaders and highlighted the party’s resilience despite some members deserting. Rama Rao expressed confidence in BRS’s role as a constructive opposition and its potential to influence national politics.


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