Kumaraswamy’s Special Gift To KCR And Telangana People

Kumaraswamy’s Special Gift To KCR And Telangana People

The luckiest CM of Karnataka Kumaraswamy has touched the hearts of all Telangana people across the Globe with his unique act. Fulfilling his promise, this JDS Chief made news today in the presence of Telangana CM KCR.

Going into the details, the 23rd Chief Minister of Karnataka Kumaraswamy made a promise to residents of Karnataka who hail from the state of Telangana. He pledged to construct Telangana Bhavan if they vote for his JDS party in the happened elections of Karnataka. As he became CM, he lived up to his promise and gifted one acre of land in the costly city of Bengaluru to Telangana Government. KCR has flown all the way from Hyderabad to Bangalore today to meet, greet his good friend Kumaraswamy and to receive the gift on behalf of all Telanganites. The JDS Chief claimed that as per his party’s agenda, he gave the land to construct their Bhavan and thanked KCR for his support during the elections.

KCR with rather a happy tone thanked back the Karnataka CM and explained that the Telangana Government would use this land in a perfect way. According to KCR, Telangana Bhavan will be constructed within no time such that the Karnataka Rashtra Telangana Committee would get together to celebrate the State festivals like Bonalu, Bathukamma and others. Also, KCR declared that the Telangana visitors would use the same building to board whenever they arrive Bengaluru. Seems the relationships between Karnataka and Telangana are brighter than we expected.


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