Lakshmi Manchu on her Malayalam debut with Mohanlal in ‘Monster’


Lakshmi Manchu is all set to foray into Malayalam movies and she says “stepping into Mollywood is not the biggest news, but sharing the screen with Mohanlal is.”

Lakshmi Manchu gave an exclusive interview to an interview.

Lakshmi’s Malayalam debut is to bring her together with superstar Mohanlal in his much-anticipated ‘Monster’. Lakshmi, who is an actress and a producer, shares her excitement, as she starts shooting for the movie.

Helmed by Vyshak, ‘Monster’ is to unveil multiple layers of Lakshmi as the role demands. The ‘Gundello Godari’ actress shares how she prepped for the role.

“I had a hint of what the role is, but only got a grip on the idiosyncrasy after shooting for a couple of days. It took me a while to discover the depth and the interwoven layers of the role I have to play in ‘Monster'”, Lakshmi said.

On being quizzed about how Lakshmi manages with the language, she confidently replies that she is determined to do anything for the role she wants to play.

“I am an artistic killer. If you rope me in for a Korean movie, I will speak Korean. Though I have watched Malayalam movies all my life, I must admit that I am not familiar, which doesn’t sum up that I cannot cope up with it. I am giving my best anyways,” Lakshmi said.

Lakshmi talks about her small and big wars with her father Manchu Mohan Babu, as she narrates, “I always have these kinds of arguments with my father, where he calls me a working woman, to which I disagree. I ask him – When your sons are working too, why specifically call me a working woman when you do not mention them as working men? This argument is endless. But, my father is always supportive of the work I do”.

Lakshmi will also act in a Tamil movie which would be announced soon. The actress is currently shooting in Kochi for ‘Monster’.


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