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Legendary Actress Savithri Is Innocent

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Yesteryear actress who is known for her acting, grace, and charm, Showcar Janaki said that legendary actress Savithri is innocent. Both the actresses have acted together in more than a dozen films during the 1970s and 1980s. They share a great bonding both on the screen and off the screen too.

Recalling the times she has shared with Savithri, Showcar Janaki shared some shocking facts. ‘My house used to very close to Savithri in Chennai. She loved jewelry a lot, and used to get them specially designed. For the same reason, Gemini Ganeshan used to invite a person named Rangaswamy Ayyangar. He used to make jewelry residing in my home itself. Even I used to order customized designs for myself too.

During one of my visit to a jewelry shop in Chennai, I saw a person selling gold bangles to the shop owner. They exactly resembled like mine. In fact, I remembered that they are same bangles that I and Savithri ordered in the past. When I confronted that person, I came to know that he used to work as a servant in Savithri’s house and stole the gold bangles. I made sure that the bangles reached Savithri. Many took advantage of her goodness coupled with her negligence and innocence and deceived her’, shared Showcar Janaki.

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