LG should not stop teachers from going abroad by misusing powers: Sisodia


Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Thursday said that Lieutenant Governor V.K. Saxena should not stop Delhi government school teachers from going to Finland on a training program by unconstitutionally misusing the law.

Sisodia said that on the one side there is the government of Punjab which can send its teachers abroad for training but under the same constitution, there is the government of Delhi that wants to send its teachers abroad for training but the LG is stopping them from doing it. This is happening because he is misusing the powers given to him by the unconstitutionally amended GNCTD Act, alleged Sisodia.

“Because of the unconstitutional power given to the LG by the central government of BJP, the Delhi government is not able to send its teachers for training abroad. If the teachers have to be sent abroad for training, then the consent of the LG is not required, but due to the unconstitutional amendments made in GNCTD Act by the Central Government, the LG is stalling everything,” Sisodia told in a Press briefing.

Sisodia further said that to provide excellent education to the children of Punjab, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Bhagwant Mann had promised the people of Punjab that their children will get a quality education if AAP comes to power in the state. Simultaneously, learning from Delhi’s experience, the Punjab government has started sending teachers on international training in its very first year itself.

“But the file to send Delhi teachers to Finland for training has been in circulation since October. According to the constitution, the governments of all the states of the country have the full right to work on education. The Delhi government should have as much freedom as the government of Punjab or any other state to send its teachers to foreign countries for training. But it is unfortunate that the LG in Delhi is misusing the law to stop teachers from getting global exposure,” Sisodia added.


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