LinkedIn rolls out new tools for better user engagement


Professional networking platform LinkedIn has announced that it is rolling out new tools to make it easier for users to create visual content that helps them stand out and inspire their professional community.

The company revealed a 20 percent increase year-on-year (YoY) among users adding visual content in their posts on the platform.

Among the new tools, the company said users can now add a clickable link to images or videos.

“You can now encourage your followers to take further action on or off LinkedIn by simply adding a clickable link directly onto your images and videos to drive your audience to your website, an upcoming event, recent newsletter, or other resources,” the company said in a post.

To add a clickable link, create a new post on mobile with an image or video, tap the “Add a link” icon, add your URL and custom link text, and post away.

The feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks.

Users can also create quick, eye-catching posts with templates.

“If you want an easy way for text posts to stand out in the Feed and grab your audience’s attention, we have built templates just for you,” the company said.

Head on over to the share box or tap “Post” on mobile, and then tap “Use a template” from there, you can easily create visually engaging content for your audience.

Choose from dozens of customizable backgrounds and fonts, add your own text, and hit “Share”.

“You can even add a clickable link onto templates to encourage your audience to take action. You’ll begin to see this feature roll out over the coming weeks,” the company said.

The platform said it has also started rolling out carousels, a new content format that allows users to mix images and videos to help their community learn in a digestible way.

From step-by-step advice to tips and tricks and industry trends, carousels can help users share content in a visually engaging, swipeable format.


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