LinkedIn Sheds Light on How Indian Professionals Are Embracing AI


LinkedIn Sheds Light on How Indian Professionals Are Embracing AI:

New research from LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network, reveals that generative AI innovations are driving professionals in India to adapt to new ways of working. A significant majority, 81%, believe their jobs will undergo “significant” changes in the next year due to AI. While this has caused some uncertainty, with 60% of professionals feeling overwhelmed and 39% worried about keeping up with AI developments, most are willing to embrace the shift.

Seventy-one percent express a desire to learn more about AI, even if they are unsure where to begin. Already, 68% of the workforce uses generative AI in their jobs, with 50% utilizing tools like ChatGPT. Millennials (54%) and GenZ (46%) professionals lead in ChatGPT usage.

A survey of Indian professionals also found that 66% believe they should know more about AI, possibly due to the perception that their colleagues are better informed (65%). Despite the barriers, 98% are excited to use AI at work, anticipating it will positively impact their careers (97%).

linkedin sheds light on how indian professionals are embracing ai
LinkedIn Sheds Light on How Indian Professionals Are Embracing AI

AI is seen as a tool to boost confidence at work, provide quicker access to knowledge, facilitate faster promotions, enhance problem-solving, and free up time from mundane tasks for more exciting work. Soft skills such as problem-solving (77%), communication (76%), and creativity (76%) are expected to become more important as AI is integrated into workplaces. Professionals see AI as a means to improve job satisfaction, work-life balance, and skill development, and they are eager to invest their freed-up time in building professional networks and acquiring new skills.

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