Kamal Hassan shocking facts about Mahanadi movie

Mahanadi movie shocking facts

Mahanadi movie shocking facts

Mahanadi movie shocking factsTamil super star Kamal Hassan reveals shocking facts about the block buster movie Mahanadi. It is known that Mahanadi movie script is given by Kamal Hassan hmself. He now describes the situations which provoke him writing the movie script. During those times initially Kamal Hassan decided to start writing a script. But unfortunately, he couldn’t do well with his script for a month. he reveals Mahanadi movie shocking facts.

He reveals saying then a incident which happened in his home made him write Mahanadi movie script. he says when his kids are small, some servants in his house planned to kidnap them for money. Discovering the instances, Kamal Hassan managed to save his child from kidnap. This fear of his kids safety made him write the script of Mahanadi.

He say, “I have never spoken of what prompted me to write Mahanadi. Now my daughters are old enough to understand the ways of this world I can..I guess. My household help, all of them, conspired to kidnap my daughter or ransom. They even did a dry run. By accident i discovered their plan. I was angry, unnerved and ready to kill for my baby’s safety. But i saw sence in times. I was to write a new script and i kept delaying it for a month. Later when i sat down to write, the script wrote itself. Maybe assisted by my fear, apprehension and paranio.”

This reveals how how even celebrities are very much concerned about their daughters safety.This post of Hamal hassan shocks many about the incident.

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