Beyond the Box Office: Mahesh Babu “Kurchi Madathapetti” Steals the Spotlight at NBA Game


Mahesh Babu latest film “Guntur Kaaram” might not have set the box office on fire, but it’s found a second life on Netflix! While the movie itself didn’t do as well in theaters, it’s getting a lot of love from viewers at home.

But here’s the real kicker: the movie’s catchy song “Kurchi Madathapetti” has become a global phenomenon! The song was already a hit in India, but now it’s reached a whole new level.

A video recently surfaced online showing the song being performed during halftime at an NBA game in Houston! That’s right, fans in the US were jamming out to a Telugu song. The video has gone viral, proving the power of music to cross borders.

The song, featuring Mahesh Babu and his co-star Sreeleela with their awesome dance moves, has also sparked a trend on social media. People are creating their own dance videos using the song on Instagram and YouTube.

This is a win for Indian music and a testament to the catchy power of “Kurchi Madathapetti”!


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