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Major Highlights Of NTR Kathanayakudu

The biopic on legendary NTR directed by Krish of Kanche fame is the talk of the Tollywood now. Amidst huge expectations and hype, this film is going to hit the screens worldwide on January 9th.

As per the inside reports, the following seems to be the major highlights of this most anticipated film of Tollywood. First and foremost going with the lead actor Balakrishna, he seems to have lived in the character of NTR. Balayya has got into the skin of the character in such a way no one would even remember that it’s Balayya who is portraying the role. The way he emoted the emotions is going to be the top notch of the film.

Coming to the other lead cast, Vidhya Balan in the role of Basavatarakam has also come out very well. The other lead actors also got some prominent roles in this film. The star writer Sai Madhav Burra’s dialogues seem to be the other biggest asset of the film as per the inside sources. Even the photography by Gnana Sekhar and music by Keeravani seems to be outstanding.

The Diviseema episode is going to be one of the major highlights of the film. It will surely touch the hearts of the audience as per the sources say. The last 25 minutes of the film is going to be heart touching which will definitely bring the tears to the audience. Last but not least, its Krish who is the backbone of the film. Take his previous films Kanche and GPSK, it is who has created the magic with his extraordinary taking and narration. As per the inside talk, Krish will enter next league of directors with this film.

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