Manchu Lakshmi Is Angry


Manchu Lakshmi firing on Politicians though Twitter

Manchu Lakshmi firing on Politicians though Twitter: Manchu Lakshmi, daughter of Manchu Mohan Babu, who proved in small screen and silver screen. She entertained the audience with her own unique style. Manchu Lakshmi, who was multi-talent is always active in social media. She always shares every single detail through social media to her fans. Recently, she tweeted showing anger on politicians. She is stuck in traffic for one and half hour because of a politician.

Nowadays, Hyderabad traffic increased to a level. The roads were recreating because of rains and metro rail. In Hitex area Manchu Lakshmi stuck in traffic and she tweeted her grief. So her followers supported her by liking, retweeting and sharing her tweet.

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