‘London Babulu’ Is Perfect… But…!

Maruthi Next Movie London Babulu

Maruthi Next Movie London Babulu… But…!

Maruthi Next Movie London Babulu: Youth audience has the craze for Maruthi movies. Even in production, he gave hit movies. As Maruthi is been in both direction and even production, now he is producing ‘London Babulu’. This movie is inspired by the Tamil hero Vijay Seetupati’s movie ‘Aandavan kattaalai’. Maruthi told that ‘as this movie is a big hit in Tamil so he wants to remake this movie as it has the flavor of Telugu audience taste’.

Recently the film unit released the movie trailer. Chinna Krishna is the director of this movie. The audience is like the trailer as it is uniquely released. As the trailer say the movie is going to be a full-length comedy entertainment. The trailer is showing the Maruthi market. Everything is perfect, but negative talks are coming about the hero. It may be if they would have taken any familiar hero. Rakshit, a new young hero is introducing in this movie. For this story, does Rakshit give justification to this character? As the sources say ‘everything is fine but may be the hero may be a negative point to this movie’.


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