‘Mental Madhilo’ Review

‘Mental Madhilo’ Telugu Movie Review and Rating
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‘Mental Madhilo’ Review

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After tasting success with his first production ‘Pelli Choopulu’, producer Raj Kandukuri comes up with his second production ‘Mental Madhilo’. The film introduces new director Vivek Athreya. After giving a commercial hit like Pelli Choopulu, a producer is bound to be under some pressure. The producer needs to make his judgment in the midst of the future of his production and the past success. Let us know whether Raj Kandukuri’s judgment proved worthy or not.


Aravind Krishna is a simple guy who works for an IT company. He keeps himself away from women. He is often confused in his decision making. On the other side, we have Sweccha who is a young energetic girl. She is ultra-modern and is clear about her decision-making ability. Interestingly, Aravind’s marriage is arranged with Sweccha. After their engagement gets postponed due to some reasons, Aravind leaves to Mumbai for an official purpose. On his return to Hyderabad, he calls-off the marriage with Sweccha. The rest of the film is all about the reasons behind his change of mind, and how the couple ends up.


In an age where Telugu cinema is dominated by a ‘formulaic’ approach, the film comes as a fresh-breather. The film seconds the fact that the director has a comprehensive grip on the language, the middle-class environment, and youth’s emotions. Nowhere we find a romantic scene or unusual dialogue. The film solely relies on the script and screenplay. It is hard to believe that this is the directorial debut for Vivek. He managed to showcase the emotions and feelings of the characters close to audience hearts. Vivek Athreya is definitely a watch-out talent in the future.

The actors have played their roles brilliantly. We only get to see the characters than the actors in the film. Sri Vishnu is evolving as a wonderful actor. It is understood by the way he played the role of ‘Aravind Krishna’. Similarly, heroine Nivetha Pethuraj excelled brilliantly as ‘Sweccha’. ‘Amrutha Srinivasan’ played by Sivaji Raja leaves a deep impact even after the audience leaves the theatres. 

Cinematography and Music are strong supporting elements of the film. The producer’s mark is clearly seen right from the selection of the cast and crew, production standards, marketing and promotion of the film. The Telugu Film industry needs producers like Raj Kandukuri to hold its head high.

Plus Points:

  • Everything in the film
  • Cast and Crew


  • Get a microscope!

Punch Line: The film shows the ‘real you’ to you!

Rating: 4/5

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