Microsoft introduces AI-powered ‘365 Copilot’


Tech giant Microsoft has announced its artificial intelligence (AI)-powered ‘Microsoft 365 Copilot’ for Word, Excel, Outlook, and more.

“This latest AI-powered offering combines the power of large language models (LLMs) with your business data and context — across all your Microsoft 365 apps, documents, and conversations — to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet,” the tech giant said in a statement.

The new Copilot is integrated into the productivity applications and experiences people use and rely on daily for work and life, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams, Power Platform, Viva, and more.

For instance, the Copilot in Word “writes, edits, summarizes and creates right alongside people as they work,” it added.

With the help of natural language commands, Copilot in PowerPoint makes the production process possible by transforming concepts into a designed presentation.

Copilot in Excel helps to unlock insights, identify trends and create professional-looking data visualizations in a fraction of the time, on the other hand, Copilot in Teams makes meetings more productive by providing real-time summaries and action items directly in the context of the conversation.

“Microsoft 365 Copilot is currently in testing with select commercial customers to get the critical feedback required to improve these models as they scale. Specifics on pricing and licensing will be shared soon,” the company said.

The tech giant also announced ‘Business Chat’, a tool that uses Microsoft Graph’s real-time power to combine data from documents, presentations, emails, calendars, notes, and contacts to assist with writing emails, summarising chats, finding essential dates, and even creating plans based on other project files.


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