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HomelatestTRS Govt shattering Kodandaram’s Million March Dream:

TRS Govt shattering Kodandaram’s Million March Dream:

 ‘Million March’ In Telangana Government

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The Chairman of Telangana JAC, Prof Kodandaram is furious on the T government for its monopolistic ruling. His special protest against TRS Government and its Chief is now heading into another disaster due to the TRS Chief KCR.

After completing two years of KCRs ruling, Prof Kodandaram who played one of the crucial roles in achieving Telangana was ignored hugely. In the later days, he became an enemy for KCR camp for not honoring him and developing the state. To fight against KCR, Kodandaram joined forces with the left parties to form a haters group of TRS along with his JAC. His main idea is to expose the negatives of TRS Government and to pull down KCR from the CM seat. In the last year, he planned a special rally against the Government but KCR shattered it using his power and Police. After all these days, Kodandaram again gave a call in the name of Million March at Tank Bund opposing T-Government. His luck has gone from bad to worse as Police already imposed a ban on his rally. More than 5000 Policemen were deployed into the city along with paramilitary forces. Also, they have house arrested Kodandaram in his own house in Tarnaka in order to stop the Rally.

Fumed Kodandaram has slammed KCR for being a dictator. He warned KCR for killing the rights of a common man with Power. Kodandaram reminded the power of Million March in 2010 during Telangana movement. Likewise, now also he swore to conduct this rally defying Police and lives.

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