Minor stabbed to death in Melbourne


Melbourne minor stabbed by a knife

In Melbourne, Australia, a 14-year-old boy was fatally stabbed, as confirmed by the local police in Victoria. Emergency services responded to a call reporting an injured male found on Bailey Street in St Albans. Despite receiving medical treatment at the scene, the boy did not survive the journey to the hospital.

minor stabbed to death in melbourne
reporting an injured male found on Bailey Street in St Albans

During a press conference, Detective Inspector David Dunstan of Victoria Police provided further details. He stated that the victim and his two friends were initially in Melbourne’s CBD (central business district) before taking a train to Ginifer railway station. After leaving Ginifer, they were walking home when a vehicle approached them. The vehicle then struck them on the road and came to a stop, at which point two males exited the vehicle. These individuals were armed with knives and proceeded to stabbed the victim, inflicting fatal wounds.

Detective Inspector Dunstan emphasized that it is still early in the investigation, and the motive behind the attack is not yet known. There is currently no information to suggest that the incident is gang-related. However, the police believe that the assault specifically targeted the victim. The other two boys who were present managed to escape the scene unharmed.


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