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Mithai Movie Trailer #Rahul Ramakrishna & Priyadarshi

Mithai Movie Trailer

Rahul Ramakrishna and Priyadarshi, these two actors came into the light by Arjun Reddy and Pelli Choopulu movies respectively. Now, these actors are doing main lead roles in Mithai movie. Mithai, why did they put this title? But, to know the reason, should wait for November. Because the movie is coming in November and the trailer is nowhere. Recently, the teasers were released and getting a good response. In those teasers, the visuals are completely different from regular patterns. Now, this trailer also looking like that with clumsy and crisp shots.

Come to the trailer, there are several important characters in the movie. Especially, the long beard person narrating the story in the trailer and may narrate also on big screen. There are Kamal, Ravi, Swetha, Bhushan, and a goat named Sundari characters looking interesting and especially that goat. The visuals and some random shots are somewhat different and it may super bonanza in November. Finally, Rahul and Priyadarshi are getting good chances and going by utilizing them in a proper way.

Rahul and Priyadarshi are

Cast: Rahul, Priyadarshi, Arsha
Banner: Red Ants
Producer: Dr.Prabath Kumar
Director: Prashant Kumar
Music: Vivek Sagar
Editor – Garry BH
DOP – Ravivarman Neelamegam

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