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Modi’s Pre-Poll Benefits: Gifts To Farmers And Middle Class

The Indian Prime Minister Modi is showering sudden care and affection on the voters keeping the Lok Sabha elections in short. As expected, this BJP bigwig has announced stunning offers to the farmers and middle class people to win their vote bank.In his recent announcement, Modi has declared that a total amount of 6,000 rupees shall be given to every farmer annually in two-three installments. All the farmers who have 2 hectares or less will fall under this scheme and according to the Government’s calculations, more than 12 crores families can be benefited with this scheme.

The Government is allocating 75000 crores just for this offer to the farmers who are suffering with losses. Not just this, the Prime Minister also made the middle class happy by eliminating tax. Until now, those who earn 2.5 lakhs or more shall be paid taxes but Modi doubled this amount to free people who earn 5 lakhs of rupees need not pay taxes. Also he favored those who earn 6.5 lakhs per year can evade taxes if they invest in any mutual investment.This is said to be a huge boost to the BJP thereby covering the most existed farmers and working middle class in India, they are said to be covered 40% of voters. These two offers might work wonders for the Saffron party ahead of the elections.

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