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Nagababu’s answer on his assets on instagram

Hyderabad April 19, (Telugu Bullet) It is known that Mega Brother Nagababu always active on social media. Although he is not currently acting big in movies, he is always in touch with fans through social media. He also answers many questions asked by netizens in his own style. His comments in recent times are known to be going viral on social media.nagababu

Recently, I caught the attention of the fans in a live chat on Instagram under the name Ask Me A Question. Part of this is a netizen referring to Nagababu .. ‘How much property do you have’? He asked. Nagababu, who was impatient with this, gave him a counter that he could not get. ‘You addressed me as you..Respect has decreased so I will not answer your question. How much property do you have? If asked, he would give me half of my property saying how much is .. Bad luck ‘in his own style churakalantincaru.

And another netizen .. ‘Sir, the house you live in costs Rs. 50 crore? ‘ The answer is’ ten rupees less than Mukesh Ambani’s house. Everything else is the same, ‘he said sarcastically. Currently, these comments made by Nagababu are going viral. 


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