Nandamuri Hari Krishna To YSRCP Camp?

Nandamuri Hari Krishna To YSRCP Camp

The Nandamuri her turned Politician Hari Krishna has been far from the media coverage these days. This former MP is keen on shifting his loyalties for the sake of continuing his Political career in a fruitful way. Nandamuri Hari Krishna has a reputation of being a very close associate of demised legend NTR while he was in Politics. Such leader who served as an MP in Rajya Sabha became far post the death of his father. Be it the hatred on the TDP Supreme Chandrababu or not giving him equal importance in party affairs, Hari Krishna distanced himself from the Yellow camp.Every now and then, he meets his best friend Kodali Nani who is a very strong YSRCP leader.

With this friendship, CBN is keeping Hari Krishna far from the party affairs. Now this is indeed turning out to be a reality as Hari Krishna is thinking of joining YSRCP. To the already existing rumors on this issue, Kodali Nani posted a picture of his along with Hari Krishna in his micro blogging site to double the speculations. One should not be wondered if Hari Krishna gets a YSRCP ticket as an MLA or MP in 2019 as he got vexed with CBN’s leadership.More than Hari Krishna, Jagan will be more than happy to give Hari Krishna a ticket. He desperately wants to split the Nandamuri family for lessening the vote bank of TDP. It is very sure that TDP will not give Hari an MP ticket but Jagan can do that favour for his Political gain.


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