Nani is Going to Great Lengths to Promote “Hi Nanna”


Nani’s Unique Promotional Strategies for “Hi Nanna”

Nani is going the extra mile to promote his upcoming film, “Hi Nanna” understanding that it falls into the “class film” category, which often generates less pre-release buzz. Unlike commercial entertainers, “Hi Nanna” explores the heartfelt connection between a father and daughter. Nani’s promotional efforts reflect this nuanced theme.

Innovative Promotional Ideas

Nani’s promotional strategies are far from ordinary. He has been actively giving interviews, engaging with social media influencers, and even launching a political party with the film’s title. Further adding to the buzz, Nani released a video imitating Telangana Chief Minister KCR, capturing the essence of KCR’s mannerisms and style without resorting to forced humor.

A Film with Substance

“Hi Nanna” marks the directorial debut of Shouryv and is being produced by Vyra Entertainments. Scheduled for a worldwide release in various languages on December 7th, the filmmakers exude confidence in the film’s content, believing it will resonate with audiences.

Nani’s Dedication to the Film

Nani’s unwavering dedication to promoting “Hi Nanna” is a testament to his belief in the film’s potential. Despite the inherent challenges of promoting a “class film,” Nani’s unique and engaging strategies are generating buzz and anticipation for the film’s release.


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