Nara Lokesh Fumes On Pawan And Jagan:


Nara Lokesh Fumes On Pawan And Jagan:

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The Minister of IT, Nara Lokesh has finally made a speech recently to excite his party workers. In his speech, he dared to set new challenges for his political rivals who are throwing mud on this young TDP leader.Lokesh being the precedent of CBN is trying to learn Politics under the guidance of many senior most leaders in the TDP fortress. Concentrating on his speech skills, he is attending more public meets in order to become on par with his father. In his latest speech, Lokesh hit back on his present rivals Pawan Kalyan and Jagan.

He took pot shots on Jagan who is demanding TDP to fight with BJP. Lokesh claimed that Jagan who is asking TDP to wage a war on BJP is actually joining hands in order to save himself from prison. This TDP MLC, in turn, challenged Jagan to make YSRCP scold BJP if the leaders of his party have any guts. Lokesh backed his claims by declaring that everyone in his party is now opposing BJP as it cheated the State of Andhra with Special Status.

Not stopping there, Lokesh has set his bullets in the direction of Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan. Declaring that the Chief of the newest party in AP as a directionless politician, he dared to demand Pawan to prove all the corruption allegations against him. Lokesh opined that he used to respect Pawan Kalyan when he supported TDP but now as he is doing fake allegations, he is not at all ok with the behavior of Janasenani. Lokesh concluded his speech by asking Pawan to stop his tweets on him unless he has proofs.

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