Pic Talk: Nara Rohit New Look


Nara Rohit BalaKrishnudu first look release

Nara Rohit BalaKrishnudu first look release: Presently Nara Rohit is doing ‘Bala Krishnudu’ movie. In this movie, Rohit is looking with six packs. Rohit is taking this movie as prestigious it seems. Till now Nara Rohit looks same in every movie. But in this movie, he is looking uniquely with six pack. 24 July Nara Rohit birthday so in this occasion ‘Bala Krishnudu’ first look released. Everyone is getting the doubt that is it Nara Rohit or not…?

Recently the movie shooting started and by the look, it can be said that this movie can become a milestone movie in Nara Rohit career. Even the film industry was shocked by seeing at his unique look where an unbelievable change in this poster. Soon all details of this movie will be released.

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