Niharika And Shourya Angered By An English Daily



Rumours are a part and parcel of every celebrity’s career but sometimes, these rumours cross some limits which irk the actors involved in those rumours. An article published in a leading English daily just did the above-mentioned act and now it angered the victims of that column.


It all belongs to the Oka Manasu pair Naga Shourya and mega daughter Niharika Konidela. Despite the movie’s flop show, this pair has been rumoured to be in a relationship. As the days went on, these speculations went to an extent that they both are not seeing each other and broke up finally. To put an end to these rumours, both the actors in different occasions gave a clarification that they are just good friends. As the press and media are almost ignoring this issue, a leading English daily dared to write a special column with their names in the heading. According to the article, it states that these two who were in love has just broken up due to their differences in their opinions and careers. Reports suggest that both these actors came to know about this news and angered by the baseless news. Anyone of them is expected to be launching a legal fight over this particular print media.


Naga Shourya who got much-needed success with Chalo has just faced a flop in the name of Ammammagari Illu. still, he has tons of movies lined up to shape up his career. On the other hand, Niharika Konidela is working for two flicks in parallel.



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