BJP Ridiculously Escaped From No Confidence Motion:


No Confidence Motion Against BJP

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The National party BJP which won the Indian Politics with Modi wave has bagged yet another ridiculous act today. Playing the role of the culprit, it has completely ditched the State of AP yet again with cheap tactics in Parliament.

Despite the fact that two parties TDP and YSRCP presenting the No Confidence Motion on the Central Government, the BJP cleverly evaded it. It all started when the parties YSRCP and TDP parties which vexed and submitted their applications of No Confidence Motion to the Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on the day one of Budget Sessions of the Parliament. But the Amit Shah lead BJP camp directed the Speaker not to take up the bill by claiming that the house is not in order. In parallel, it made the AIADMK MPs to surround the well thereby creating ruckus inside the well. All these days, BJP sang the same song but all have waited patiently that one day or the other, BJP would take up the debate. Today is the last day of the session, Telugu MPs almost demanded the Speaker to take up No Confidence Motion but Speaker mercilessly adjourned the house leaving AP in vain.

Many Politicians declared that BJP has already lost by not taking up the No Confidence Motion. They went further and state that Central Government should feel ashamed of their act. AP MPs are fuming on BJP declaring that they are scared of getting lost if voting takes place. It is now in the hands of Andhra Politicos whether they stage a big protest or sit to fast until death. 5 or YSRCP MPs already submitted their resignations but those will not be made legal as the house is already adjourned for the last day of the session. The common voter doesn’t understand how many days more Andhra leaders take to stage their real war on the Centre like Telangana.

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