No More Kisses, says Shalini Pandey (Arjun Reddyheroine)

No More Kisses says Shalini Pandey  

No More Kisses says Shalini Pandey  

Posted December 4, 2017, 7:57 pm at 19:57 

Heroine Shalini Pandey rose to fame with success of her debut film Arjun Reddy. The heroine became popular for a huge number of lip locks that ranged from a peck to deep French kisses in the film. The lip kisses in the film are one of the main reasons for the film to become such a big hit. In a recent interview, the heroine also stated that she doesn’t mind being a part of the lip kisses, as she considers them just as any other normal scene.

But the latest buzz is that Shalini Pandey has said a big NO to a couple of directors who have approached her with scripts featuring intimate lip locks. When a director approached the Arjun Reddy heroine with a good script, the actress was happy to sign on the film. The moment he stated that the script demands lip-locks, the actress has turned down the offer. Even when the director was ready to compromise on most of the scenes, she stayed firm with her decision to NO.

 ‘I might accept for lip locks if the script demands in the future, but definitely not as of now,’ said Shalini Pandey. She is currently a part of two Telugu films and few Tamil films.

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