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NTR Biopic in Two Parts

NTR Biopic in Two Parts

There are plenty of rumors on ‘Lakshmi’s N’. Ram Gopal Varma is also trying to create hype to the movie asusual for all his films. He seems to explain about the NTR’s life from the starting stage to the ending till hi sdeath in the movie Lakshmi’s NTR. The movie story is from Lakshmi Parvathis entrance to NTR’s life till his death. NTR biopi in which Balakrishna as hero start from the early childhood and end up with the Bhaskar Rao cheating. That is Balayya shows NTR’s film and political glory, and Varma shows hi s last pages of his histor.

After Varmas movie in Lakshmi Parvathis view and the YSR Episode is shown, but the demand for the most important events in NTR’s life is also getting request from Chandrababu and NTR’s aspects. The NTR Biopic First part will be the success if they follow the above criteria. and even Balakrishna also agrees for the second part.

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