Sunday, October 2, 2022
HomelatestNTR Jr’s Blow To The TDP Chief For Snap Polls

NTR Jr’s Blow To The TDP Chief For Snap Polls

Seems the patch up between the families of Nara and Nandamuri Hari Krishna is not completely done according to the updated news of the TDP inner circles. It is a known thing that it appeared all is well between the secret rivals Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Hari Krishna post the demise of the latter. Everything seemed pleasant as the two families were seen close to each other supporting themselves.Their bond grew to another level when the TDP Chief gave Suhasini, the daughter of Hari Krishna a seat in the Mahakutami representing Kukatpally constituency.

To campaign for his sister and also for TDP, CBN requested NTR Jr to participate in the road show at least for one day. Unfortunately, the grandson of NTR Sr has reportedly rejected the request and conveyed his apologies stating that he is not interested in Politics and is busy with flicks.This is a huge blow to CBN who is hoping big on this star hero to campaign not only for the snap polls in Telangana but also for the upcoming general elections of Andhra Pradesh.

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